News you can use as a FSBO seller!

Yes, people do buy homes during the Winter.  December - January may not be the highest selling season but there are still buyers out there if you know how to entice them to view your home.

Here are a few ways for-sale-by-owner sellers can capitalize on the season.

1.  Focus on no children families.  "In mid-winter there are fewer buyers with kids. The reason is simple; the children are in school." according to Bob Irwin, Best -selling FSBO author  "Most buyers with families wait until late spring and summer when the kids are out of school to move. That means that your most likely good buyer is either going to be a mature couple - empty nesters looking to downsize or move sideways - OR, first time buyers - young couples without families."   Target your marketing toward these buyers

2.  Keep your driveway clear.  In snowy regions a packed driveway will make your home feel locked in and un inviting.

3.  Make sure the thermostat is on high when buyers visit, now is not the time to save on gas when you are showing people your cozy house.

4.  Point out winterized features.  Do you have new thermal windows?  Is it easy to get in and out of your local street even in heavy snow?   Every home has some winter advantages, take a minute to change your online listing to reflect these.

5.  Use comforting words.  Toasty, Warm and Cozy all sound great when it's cold out and will comfort buyers that your home will be a haven for them year round

6.  Update your photo with a few fun holiday decorations.  Do you put lights on your house?  We don't recommend over doing it, but a few lights will liven up your primary photo of you home in the period between now and New Years.  Just remember to change the photo back after the holiday season.

7.  First time buyer help.  As we mentioned first time buyers often are young couples with no children and they are still looking mid winter.   Consider offering to carry a second seller financed mortgage if you are able to.  If this works for you don't be shy about pointing this out in your listing - it can be a real advantage over other options for new buyers.

8.  Create holiday cards featuring your house to post in local grocery stores, bulletin boards and around town.  Buyers will feel you are a friendly seller and be comfortable calling directly.

9.  Ignore low-ball offers.  The truth is during winter you can also get a lot of bottom fishing buyers - the type who are looking for a deal and will make a super low-ball offer.   In the past we have suggested you not ignore any offer, but treat these offers with a heavy grain of salt.  We suggest that you reply in a friendly manner that the offer is well outside your range and with them very good luck finding a home.  They might come back with a better offer or just move on.

10.  Keep the Christmas clutter and entry area mess to a minimum.   It is easy to leave coats, boots and scarves all around the entry area, but this still is the most important place for a first impression.   Keep it clear when showing a home so that it is easy to hang your buyers' coats up without blocking the view.  Same advice for holiday decorations; by all means decorate, but consider a few touches in specific areas.  This will leave most rooms open to your buyers imaginations.

11.  It sounds corny but be sure to offer buyers a warm drink of cider and a treat.  It breaks the ice and gives you a good chance to describe your home. Then be sure to leave them on their own to wander around with their mug in hand.  They will feel more at home right away

12.  Finally don't panic.  This is an unusual year for sales and with spring just around the corner your buyers could be coming your way sooner than you think.

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